Controlling Mosquito Infestation in Your Backyard

Mosquitoes are undoubtedly annoying. The sound of mosquitoes buzzing around is a nuisance, and their bite is potentially dangerous. Mosquito infestations make it impossible to enjoy backyard picnics and other outdoor activities.

It is a surety that you don’t want to shorted the time you get to spend in the backyard with your family. You also probably do not like mosquito repellents overpowering your sense of smell. If that is the case, you should resort to alternatives like residential mosquito treatment richmond.

There are also other solutions that can help you enjoy outside without having to fight off mosquitoes.

The reason behind mosquito infestations

Mosquitoes need standing water surfaces to reproduce since mosquito larvae feed on plankton present in water. The United States has 150 species of mosquitoes, and they all need one of the following things to reproduce in your backyard.

·    Old tires

·    Drainage ditches

·    Pet dishes

·    Planters

·    Fishponds

Therefore, the first defense against mosquitoes is not letting standing water settle in your backyard so that female mosquitoes have no place to lay their eggs.

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Long-term mosquito solutions

Long-term mosquito solutions cost a little more than the other treatments, but they are worth reclaiming your house and backyard. Some long-term solutions include

·    Larval control – larval control disks contain bacteria that act as a natural insecticide against mosquito larvae. If you put these into places that are most likely to collect still water, it will control the growth of larvae in your backyard.

·    Mosquito traps – these traps release a steady stream of heat, carbon dioxide, and moisture. This lures mosquitoes towards them. Once the mosquitoes are inside the trap, they are instantly killed. After about a month’s use, the breeding cycle of mosquitoes breaks.


Getting rid of mosquitoes is extremely important for you and your family’s well-being. There are a variety of options to get rid of mosquitoes from your residence and reclaim your outdoor space.